ch (USA) Safe Harbor Treasure Lake Geo MH ** WDQ

Besitzer: Katherine Heintel | Züchter: Jane Peabody



(CH (USA) Buck Run See Buck Run CD SH x CH (USA) St Croix Fowlweathr Q Sierra)

Dark Brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Größe: cm | Farbe: dark brown | Gewicht: kg


Tigger was a big brown dog with tons of enthusiasm for everything he was asked to do. He loved to show in the conformation ring and hunt in the field. Field Trials were his passion, he loved running the long marks and blinds. He was very easy to train for blinds because he thought he was a black labrador, always willing to do it your way over and over again, just so he could keep playing the game. He was always more then happy at hunt tests because the marks were so close he could almost catch them and it didn't take him long at all to pick up all the marks and he was always looking for more.

His puppies and grand puppies are doing well in the field, agility ring and show ring. One of his puppies "Ringer" has points in field trial derby's. "Falcon" is the first and only Champion, Masters of Agility Champion, Master Hunter in breed history.

Sire of 5 Master Hunters







L. Coat:

good OFA

Clear 31.07.2009






Frozen Semen available