Introducing myself

My name is Thora Eichblatt born in 1989 and live in northern Germany. Hunting dogs German Wirehaird Pointer, Labrador, Terrier and small Muensterlaender) have allways been a part of my  family. They were mainly family dogs but also used as hunting companions.


After an extensiv breed research I found the Chesapeake Bay Retriever in 2011. The standard discribed exactly what I was looking for in my future dog.


An independent working - hunting dog, that is a one-man dog combined with the will to work together but also with a protective nature. As a result I bought my male Crosswind's Curtiz from Ulrike Schlögell, a well known CBR breeder and hunting dog trainer. With Curtiz started my love for the breed. Over the years there were very few breed specific meetings in and around Germany I didn't go to.


In 2015 I went to specialties in the USA and imported my bitch from the CoolWater Kennel.



I work with my dogs in the bumper sport sector and train them as hunting dogs. Since 2015 my friends and I organice an annual work&talk weekend on my farm in the North of Germany.