Crosswind's Curtiz CGC WD/X/Q

Height: 62cm | Color: deadgrass brindle | Weight: 34kg


I bought Curtiz in 2011 from a well known CBR breeder and hunting dog trainer in Germany - Ulrike Schlögell with the Crosswind Kennel. Curt is to me a very special dog, because we learned a lot together and still learn new things about dog training every other day. Only because of him got to into that whole Retriever World that I really enjoy. He was the first dog that I trained myself to be a hunting companion. We went through lots of things together - one real highlight was our trip up and down the east coast of the USA. 


Curt has a really thight bond to me - a typical one-man dog. Strangers aren't of much interest to him as long as they don't have any kind of pray. There aren't really any boarders for him while working - a short break to catch breath and off he goes again. He really is a bundle of energy.

Health Clearences









A1/A1 - excellent


Clear from May 29th 2016

Clear by Parentage

Clear by Parentage



Level, p1 bottom left missing

Work results






COnformation Report

very good

4 years old, large framed, athletic dog of a very good type, typical uper and under line for the breed, the angulations could be more pronounced, moderate bone, excellent, typical coat, head with pleasing expression that could have more fill, even mover, friendly, open and relaxed temperament

Temperament test

This 18 months old chessie male is very powerful today and playful. He likes to run with high endurance.

He is very attentive and explores everything calmly for the most part.

He enjoys pray a lot, carries it and retrieves it to the owner. His tracking qualities could be seen during the questioning and walk.

The bonding towards his owner is good and trustful. The dog is willing to subordinate.

He is calm with strangers, the circle and the sideways postion are no problem for him.

He explored the course with optical and acoustical stimuli interested, partly on his own and parts with the help of his owner.

The gun shots were interesting to him.

A powerful dog, who showed his independence and his nice bonding to his owner.