JH Ch (VDH) CoolWater SummerWheat Quintus

Besitzer: Joachim & Heike Schreiber | Breeder: Kerrie Tatarka



(Ch CoolWater's RipTide x Pond Hollow Sea Swept to CoolWater)

Height: 60cm | color: sedge | weight: 35kg


We are curious to see where the journey goes with him in the future.

Health Clearences








A2/A2 (excellent)


Clear from August 26th 2018




Scissor, full dentition

Show Results

2x Best of Breed, 6x Best of Opposite Sex


DRC Junior Champion Germany


Day titels:

Herbst-Jugendsieger Dortmund 2018 / Bundesjugendsieger 2018 / 2x Crufts Qualifikation 2019 / Frühjahrssieger 2019 / Europasieger 2019 / Crufts Qualification 2020 / Annual Trophy Winner 2019


SRA Winsen 2018 - SG2

SRA Hoisdorf 2018 - V1, JCAC (DRC/VDH)

International Bremen 2018 - V1, JCAC (DRC/VDH)

International Rostock 2018 - SG1

International Dortmund 2018 - V1 JCAC (DRC/VDH), Herbst-Jugendsieger Dortmund

Work&Talk 2018 - BOS from an entry of 60 CBRs

Dortmund Bundessiegerausstellung - V1, JCAC (DRC/VDH), Bundesjugendsieger 2018

Brüssel Trophy 2018 - V1, CAC (BE), CACIB, Best of Breed, Crufts Qualifikation 2019

Brüssel Dog Show 2018 - V1

Dortmund Frühjahrssieger 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH), CACIB, BOS, Frühjahrssieger 2019

Dortmund Europasieger 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH), CACIB, BOS, Europasieger 2019, Crufts Qualification 2020

SRA Luhmühlen 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH), BOS

SRA Bremen 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH), BOS

Internationale Hannover 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH)

Annual Trophy 2019 - V1, CAC (DRC/VDH), CACIB, BOB - Annual Trophy Winner 2019

Working Results

German Junior Hunt Test (JAS/R) - 14 Months

Conformation Test - Judge Birgit Pfeifer

15 months old Chessie male, harmonious overall appearance, already well developed for the age, typical head with a lot of charisma, bright eyes, tight lips, dry, strong neck, excellent angulation in front, moderate angulation behind, substance-rich body, excellent bone strength and paws, fluid movement, easygoing, friendly nature.

sedge Chesapeake Bay Retiever Dunes
CoolWater's American Oakleaf
Amy - 7 Monate
CoolWater's American Oakleaf
Amy 5 Monate